Switch Function

(Parents are symbolized as rulers, Children as communities, and Snakes as honey but actually poison)

In this work I tell about how the attitudes and nature of the authorities who abuse the office, where the rulers from time to time continue to produce sweet promises such as honey in order to smooth their way and purpose, but people do not know it is actually a poison that will miserable them. So that the sense of humanity, love, and freedom to obtain health, education, employment, etc. that has been promised has become very unlikely to be realized. It is the attitude and nature of these rulers that makes social problems such as racial, ethnic, religious and cultural differences that continue to the present day, if this continues, humanity, love, and freedom are merely illusions.

Description Of Work

Title : Switch Function

Size : 30 Cm X 30 Cm

Media : Pens On Paper

Year : 2021

Concept Work :