Negotiable Crowd

My work is derived from my view of the behavior of many people who often underestimate the negotiations with health recommendations during COVID19 made by the government, in addition to not wearing masks, behavior in making the crowd participate in negotiations. Back again with the excuse of being bored at home, longing with friends, and others. Of course this could actually worsen and increase COVID19 cases. In my work, I illustrate this situation by making a lot of characters clustered but there is a child who is wrapped in snakes and the clustered characters do not care for the child, it illustrates the current situation where there are a lot of people created, but in a crowd it seldom thinks about how the situation was during COVID19.

Description Of Work

Title : Negotiable Crowd

Media : Acrylic Pens And Paints On Paper

Size : 42 Cm X 30 Cm

Year : 2021

Concept Work :