Ego Hegemony

My work is derived from my vision of the current situation, where this COVID19 has a very rapid impact on human life, the more days, the more the impact of this COVID19, the impact can be in the form of negative impacts and impacts positive. Of the positive impacts will certainly bring rapid changes, especially in the world of healthy lifestyles and for the current natural conditions, but when viewed from the negative impacts of course also very much, both from the victim sector, education, culture, economy, religion, and others. In this part of the negative impact, the power to control the ego of humanity is tested, whether humans will obey their ego or even fight and can control their ego. If we are trained and able to control the ego, of course the ego control attitude will also have a great influence on the sustainability of our lives, especially when the time comes, when the COVID19 period is over, but so is the opposite, when we are in the pandemic it will actually be even more obedient the ego in oneself, precisely when this COVID19 period ends the ego that is in the self certainly becomes even worse. Now it depends on our attitude, whether we want to become a new human being who is getting better or worse in the world tomorrow, where the COVID19 era has begun to disappear.

Through this work, I try to visualize the situation by describing a person who is fighting with the many expressions of ego around him.

Description Of Work

Title : Ego Hegemony

Size : 42 Cm X 30 Cm

Media : Pens On Paper

Year : 2021

Concept Work: