Virus Chatter Sale

The topic of today’s discussion cannot be separated from the discussion about COVID19, this is a chat that can be sold anywhere in the present, from where I first got the idea to work, a situation where many elements began to be centered and confined to a virus.

In my work, it is made in the form of panels and I use used cardboard as a medium, which I base it with paint before I start drawing it, on the edges of the cardboard I deliberately peel a portion of the cardboard, in addition to giving rise to and appearing the distinctive parts of each cardboard namely in the bumpy part, I also intend to provide an overview of the current situation, where the current situation has begun to be centered and confined to the virus.

Description Of Work

Title : Virus Chatter Sale

Media : Pens On The Cardboard

Size : 43 Cm X 28 Cm (2 Panels)

Year : 2021

Concept Work :