Gospel Summary

Palm leaves as a product of rich cultural meaning have raised Indonesia in the midst of the association of world civilization. This cultural heritage has also provided the superior thinking of the people of Indonesia who gave birth to it. The tradition of carving palm leaves in Indonesia has a long history and old age along with the values of history, religion, philosophy, medicine, literature, and other high sciences.

Speaking about incising on palm leaf media, before the discovery of paper, history knows several media used as documentation and communication tools, one of which is documentation and communication with palm leaves. Documentation and communication with palm leaves are popularly used by people in several regions in Indonesia, such as Java, Bali, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara. In the past, palm leaves were often used to write saga, customary rules, and historical records, correspondence with neighboring countries, not only documentation and communication in written form, but not infrequently the documentation and communication were in the form of illustrated images on palm leaves, Illustrated pictures on palm leaves are called Prasi art.

Prasi is an illustration made on palm leaves with a technique to injure palm leaves using a special knife so that it leaves strokes resulting from concepts, ideas and ideas from ancient times until now (Suwidja, 1979: 4). Prasi who has been famous for puppet-themed stories, such as Mahabrata, Arjuna Wiwaha, and others. But in my work I try to apply something new, But now I present the other side of the prasi art itself, the way I present the other side of the prasi art itself is that I try to expand the theme of the prasi art with stories with a Christian nuance, this is the story of the life journey of the Lord Jesus who is always used in the Rosary Prayer , which I visualize with an artistic style I myself with nicks technique on palm leaf media.

Description Of Work

Title : Gospel Summary

Size : 140 Cm X 35 Cm

Media : Nicks On Palm Leaves

Year : 2021

Concept Work :